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Give your visitors a modern, touch screen sign in system that takes just moments to use. No more messy handwriting or wrong information, everything is captured in real time and stored securely in the cloud for as long as you need it. iReception offers the most customizable visitor management solution available and ensures you get the right sign-in experience for your organization.

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Ferrosan MD decided to mobilize their reception adding new digital and mobile features. The basic iReception offers high level of guest and employee service. At the reception, the guest enters his credentials and iReception notifies both the host via test/sms and e-mail as well as the receptionist. The bespoke Ferrosan MD solution included a label-printer solution in order to increase security and service level. In addition, Ferrosan MD have access to the iReception back-end in order to change response texts to guest, e-mail configuration as well as updating the list of employees.