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Wallet Manager enables you to easily mobilize all of your offers and loyalty cards.

Apple Wallet and Android Pay are the ultimate shopping companions because they deliver on the promise of customer convenience. They are the only place on your customers’ phones where they store everything they need to make their shopping experiences with your brand more successful.

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BrandMobile - Mobile Wallet Case
BrandMobile - Mobile Wallet Case

Simply put, it's a mobile-based virtual wallet, where you preload a certain amount in your account created with the mobile wallet service provider, and spend it at online and offline merchants listed with the mobile wallet service provider. For example, if you go to a coffee shop A, which is listed with XYZ mobile wallet, you can pay for your coffee through the phone. Depending on the service provider, you can also pay through app, text message, social media account or website.

Apple Wallet and Android Pay are the two key players in the non-payment side of mobile wallet. With Apple Wallet and Android Pay, consumers no longer have to remember to bring their coupons and loyalty cards to their favorite retail stores. Instead, they can store them on their smartphones and be reminded of offers when they are near a store or when an offer is about to end.